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Amit Agarwal


Amit Agarwal is a highly accomplished professional with extensive automotive sector expertise. He held a prominent position in the group overseeing operations, sales, and marketing of Rangeet Auto in West Bengal and Sikkim Region.

In addition to his involvement in the automobile industry, Mr. Agarwal also leads the Internet Service Sector through Dreamlink Technologies. This organization provides internet services to the local community. With his strategic vision and strong leadership qualities, Mr. Agarwal ensures that Dreamlink Technologies remains a competitive player in the market.

Mr. Amit Agarwal has demonstrated dynamism and exceptional leadership abilities throughout his professional journey. His vast experience in the automobile industry has equipped him with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate the challenges of the business landscape. He is dedicated to the development and success of the group, constantly striving to achieve the business objectives and maintain the company's competitive edge.

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